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About Scholastic Pursuits 

This tutoring and test prep service has been created for you. It is my personal desire to assist you in meeting the academic goals which are the foundation to your future success in life. 

The groundwork young students need can be successfully laid through careful and strategic teaching methods conducive to their strengths and learning styles. Once taught, a student can utilize these educational tools throughout his or her academic years and well into their adult lives. This is very much my mission through Scholastic Pursuits.

As students near the completion of their secondary years of education, one of the most important tests a student takes, is the ACT or SAT. This is one of the strongest indicators of how they will do in their first year of college. These tests also largely determine what college they will be accepted into and what scholarships they can be awarded. Good scores on these tests help students gain acceptance into good colleges, minimize their student loan debt, and gain a promising career track.


Scholastic Pursuits' goal is to properly train all students to meet and exceed their academic goals, so they may pursue the education and the careers most suitable to their God-given talents and their personal preferences.

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