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The exceptions to the rules are 
removed; no more guessing.

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Foundational Reading

Decoding the English language with logical answers

According to the Literacy Project Foundation, 40 percent of American students are unable to read proficiently at the 8th grade level. Furthermore, 3 out of 4 adults on welfare cannot read. Thus, as we all know, being able to read is vital to one's economic success. What sets my reading instruction apart from so many others? I provide answers to the many questions some more logic-minded students ask, which are so frequently met with the answer, "That's an exception." My experience has found that many smart students are falling through the academic cracks because they need unprovided answers to their simple questions of, "Why?" I experience great joy in providing those answers and witnessing  doubts and fears dissipate and confidence blossom.

As reading expert, Denise Eides. states, "The phonetic system we use to write English words, while complex, is remarkably logical and consistent." With proper instruction of the structure of our language, reading becomes simply a logical puzzle that is much easier than before to piece together. With the methods used in our sessions, and the help of parents at home, students of all ages can literally decode 98 percent of the English language. This helps them both read and spell better, and increases their ability to get on with the business of learning.

Fee: $60/1-hr session

Includes lesson plans, availability between sessions for help, and consistent support for learning. 

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