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 Excellence in Writing 

Implementing Tools for Success

     At a basic level, writing is the kinesthetic form of reading. As students learn the proper way to decode the English language into the correct phonograms and language rules, they can build them into properly spelled words, phrases and sentences and literally decode 98 percent of the English language. Proper spelling and grammar knowledge helps remove obstacles to writing flow, so students’ thoughts are retained long enough to make it safely onto the paper.

     At a more advanced level, writing conveys our knowledge and ideas to our reading audience. How do we put those ideas from our minds onto the paper at a level that properly expresses what we are thinking? Are we using the appropriate words and phrases for our target audience? Do we know how to dress up our work with strong verbs, who/which clauses, and varied sentence lengths, to name a few? What about the technical aspects of writing, such as proper subjects and predicates, subject/verb agreement (in number and tense), parallelism, and a clear understanding of what makes some sentence constructs, such as dangling participles, unclear? These are all taught in a very logical and affirming manner, in a relaxed environment, with methods conducive to each student’s learning style. 

Fee: $60/1-hr session

Includes lesson plans, availability between sessions for help, and consistent support for learning. 

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