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My Philosophy

The Bookends Approach

Over the years I have developed a philosophy that aligns itself with a successful strategy in tutoring. I view children as small, intelligent adults who are in formation. They are capable of learning much and will do so, when given the right tools. It's those right tools and the way they are handed to the student that make the difference in a proper education. I also believe in teaching a student how to learn, not just what to learn. Much like teaching a man how to fish, rather than simply handing him a fish, my methods will equip my students with a way to educate themselves, which they will utilize throughout their academic years.

Proper support is critical to student success. I can refer to the analogy of bookends, where my service represents one end and the student's parents represent the other end. The books represent the knowledge the student possesses that will take them through a lifetime of personal, social, and career pursuits. If one side of those bookends fails to offer proper support at an early point in their education, the books will fall. Thus, both the parents and tutor need to be on track to provide support for the academic success of the student. This requires open lines of communication that are clear and concise, and a level of participation and support sufficient to give the student the tools necessary to achieve their goals on a scholastic level. I believe with persistent support from both ends, the student will receive the required tools and support to understand and develop their God-given gifts into skills, so they may set about making their own unique difference in our world.

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