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My Philosophy

The Bookends Approach

Over the years I have developed a philosophy that aligns itself with a successful strategy in tutoring. As for my younger students, I view children as small, intelligent adults who are in formation. They are capable of learning much and will do so, when given the right tools. It's those right tools, and the way they are handed to the student, that make the difference in a proper education. 


I also believe in teaching a student how to learn, not just what to learn. Much like teaching a man how to fish, rather than simply handing him a fish, my methods will equip my students with a way to educate themselves, which they will utilize throughout their academic years.

For my older students: I view them as intelligent adults who have a desire to learn, with some educational gaps that can be rectified. Through good listening and a respectful, customized approach, I often identify these gaps - whether in learning a subject, or how to teach a subject in a homeschool environment - and provide them with answers, and a way to find more answers on their own.

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