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Mathematics Principles
Math Homework

Laying the Groundwork 

Many otherwise smart students struggle with mathematics because they were taught in a manner not conducive to their learning style. Some struggles can be rooted in a lack of clear understanding of one or more of the basic math concepts. Altogether, some students do better learning in a one-on-one atmosphere of instruction, without the pressure of timed tests and pen and paper, until they have a comfortable grasp of underlying mathematical concepts.

It is important, overall, to make a student's experience with mathematics an enjoyable one. As mathematics expert, Dr. Joan Cotter, Ph.D. states, "We store our emotional state along with what we have learned. A person who dislikes math will avoid it, and a child under stress stops learning." This type of atmosphere is provided with Scholastic Pursuits's tutoring, and math gaps are filled, so students may master their assignments and demonstrate their knowledge with confidence and self-assurance. This type of foundation bears fruit throughout a student's academic years.

Sessions include lesson plans and activities designed to teach students to grasp concepts on both a visual and mental level. This is taught through various proven games and activities. Their new knowledge is carried onto the paper in the form of working puzzles and solving problems, all the while developing their ability to think problems through from a logical standpoint.  These methods are designed to lay a solid ground for their future success.

Fee: $60/1-hr session

Sessions for younger students include activities such as games, candy and prizes, to help facilitate an enjoyable learning experience. 

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