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Homeschool & Academic 

             Academic Coaching

Math Homework
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  • Providing consistent, customized support to help you set, meet, and even exceed your academic goals.

  • Building a skillset for study, organization, and time management that you can utilize in every area of your life.

  • Experience a student-centric approach that emphasizes thoughtful, individualized guidance by a caring, experienced academic coach with a proven track record.



  • Gain confidence in your parenting and educational decisions.

  • Discern customized, workable teaching strategies for your family.

  • Strengthen relationships — among siblings and parents alike.

  • Watch kids grow in their desire to learn.

  • Create clear educational goals that best meet your family's criteria. 

  • Know support is always available, should school days venture off-course.

             Homeschool Coaching

Create a customized learning environment that addresses your best teaching style and meets your

family's academic and lifestyle needs.


$75/1-hr session (weekly one-on-one meetings; calls, texts & email support)

Sessions include one-on-one coaching to listen to your family's needs and help create and maintain an enjoyable and productive, customized learning experience for you and your students. My goal is to provide you with valuable tools to meet your academic instructional goals, and to support you along the way. You will never feel you are alone in this worthy endeavor.

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