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 ACT / SAT & PSAT Test Prep

Preparing for Test Mastery 

SAT/ACT Test Prep 

This is one of the most important tests a student will ever take. A high school student's SAT/ACT test score is a large determiner of whether they will be accepted into the college of their choice, as well as the amount of debt they will carry into their post-graduate life. Many students are not informed of how much a resulting score will impact their academic and career futures. 


These tests are a big part of what can make or break a student’s scholastic goals. Scholastic Pursuits offers a highly successful training program that helps students lower their test anxiety and raise their test scores. Each student will be trained to understand the hidden patterns located in all standardizeexams, to help net them higher score results. Students are given smart tools and strategies for taking standardized tests, to help make their goals a reality and their future a success.


PSAT Test Prep (Grades 8-11)


 Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors all qualify to take this test. Students should start early, while there is no pressure to train well for the test that counts. Juniors who score within the top percentile will gain National Merit Scholar status and are eligible to compete in the National Merit Scholarship Competition.


These top-scoring students become bragging rights for colleges, who will lure them in with such perks as full-ride scholarships, upgraded free room and board, food allowances, graduate school money, study abroad stipends, and more. There are also over 1,700 scholarships available to other high scorers who didn't make National Merit Scholar status. Both the SAT and PSAT/NMSQT are written by the College Board. Therefore, both tests are highly similar in their question types. So students who train with Scholastic Pursuits for the PSAT are preparing themselves wisely for the SAT, as well!




Why use Scholastic Pursuits for your SAT/ACT Prep source?

There are many test prep services and programs out there, each with its own strengths. This program draws from the strengths of various proven methods and offers some of the best test prep tips and strategies out there for achieving successful exam results.

While students have the option to buy a book and study, or join an online video tutorial, this type of test prep does not always meet a student’s individual needs, nor does it easily answer the frequent questions they have. Scholastic Pursuits offers one-on-one and small group tutoring, training students to identify the hidden patterns in these tests so they may turn that knowledge into substantial results.  

The SAT and ACT tests are often mistaken as a test of content and knowledge. As a result, top performing students who use this approach, often score much lower than they anticipate. However, these are NOT merely content-based exams. Each test is a logic-based exam that tests basic concepts, but in strange ways. Scholastic Pursuits capitalizes on this fact and uses it to train students to locate the correct answer choice quickly and confidently, saving valuable time. These same strategies can be applied to other standardized tests, such as the AP and GRE, with great success.

Parents, invest now in your student's future and see the returns, as you give them the opportunity to meet their academic and financial goals, and improve their college choice and career track. If a student is committed to training well, he or she can greatly benefit from what Scholastic Pursuits has to offer.

Students Taking Exams

 Special Rates

    Private One-on-One Rate:     

  • $75 per one-hour session​ 

  • $60 per one-hour session​ (with 8-session package)


    Small Group Rates:

  • $50 each, per one-hour session​ (you and one friend; 8-session pkg)​

  • $40 each, per one-hour session​ (you and two friends; 8-session pkg)

    Sessions are offered via Skype, Face Time, or in person, locally.



Without the help of Susan Follansbee and Scholastic Pursuits, there is no way I would have been able to achieve a full tuition and fees scholarship. Thanks to her, I went up by almost 200 points on my SAT, which has given me the advantage of a full-ride scholarship! I believe that it came down to hard work and analyzing patterns, which I would've never understood unless I had Ms. Follansbee helping me every step of the way. Thank you!

                                                                              ~ Samantha Meakins, Arvada West High School

I am so grateful for Susan, and her tutoring with our daughter, Samantha. Susan was a consistent and patient tutor as she walked with our daughter during her busiest school season. Samantha was personally encouraged by Susan throughout the process of learning the best testing skills for the SAT as well as beyond the 8 sessions. Susan kept in contact and continued to encourage Samantha as she took her third SAT and finally got the score she wanted. Susan’s services are well worth the expense and have qualified our daughter for several scholarships allowing her the freedom to consider several colleges with no cost out of pocket. Thank you Susan!     


                                                                               ~ Cheryl Meakins, Parent, Arvada, CO

I would like to personally thank Susan for all her helpful techniques she taught me - I went into my SAT with the utmost confidence from her service. She was great to work with and personalized her teachings in ways for me to understand. She won’t let you down!

                                                                               ~  Hope Schwanke, Peak to Peak High School


Scholastic Pursuits' Test Prep program was a wholesome experience for me. Susan will personalize the entire process around your personality, to meet your needs and goals. Without a doubt this program helped me with the SAT, and I would entirely do it again!

                                                                               ~ Max Brown, Jefferson Academy 

We are happy to highly recommend Susan Follansbee and her Scholastic Pursuits Test Prep program.  Her SAT tutoring approach is unique in that she teaches very specific test-taking strategies. Our son recently completed 10 sessions of tutoring with Ms. Follansbee and felt much more confident and comfortable in taking the actual SAT test. Having these strategies, as well as a time management plan, helped him to increase his score by over 100 points in just over a month of tutoring!  He is now in an excellent position to get into the universities of his choice and to earn significant scholarship money.


Ms. Follansbee’s tutoring program is an investment in our son’s future that will pay off tremendously.  And, aside from her expertise in SAT/ACT preparation, Ms. Follansbee is kind and encouraging—our son always enjoyed meeting with her. Ms. Follansbee, we can’t thank you enough!

                                                                                         ~ Ryan & Elizabeth Walker 

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